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Podcast: How to master client feedback.

James Rose from Agency Highway and Andre have a chat about ProjectHuddle, client communication and why it’s so important to prequalify your potential clients.  Looking for some tips on mastering client feedback?  Head over to Agency Highway to give it a listen. Listen Now! About The Agency Highway Podcast The Agency Highway podcast is produced…

7 steps to eliminating scope creep on your next project

How do we deal with constant emails from clients requesting changes to the project? This is a question that comes up often in the web design community. People love being a part of the design process. We get that, it’s exciting! But at what point do you let the client know they need to trust…


Collect visual feedback right on top of your designs, wireframes, sketches, photos and more.


Gather and manage clear, contextual comments directly on top of your live website or web app.