3 years ago 2 min

New features! Subscribed projects shortcode & project subscriber controls.

Create an overview page with all your projects listed in one place. Your clients will love this new ProjectHuddle update! With the Subscribed Projects Shortcode users can view all the projects they’re subscribed to in an organized list or gallery. Create a new client “account page” and add the shortcode to provide an overview of each…

New Feature: Trello Integration (Beta)

You can now integrate ProjectHuddle with your Trello workflow. Great news for you Trello users! We’ve just launched a free plugin to help you integrate ProjectHuddle into your Trello workflow. The ProjectHuddle Trello plugin automatically creates new cards on the Trello board/list of your choice so you can seamlessly integrate Trello into your workflow. Here’s…

Update Notes – Version 1.1.0

Image versions let you create new versions whenever you make changes to your designs. What’s great about this feature is all the image discussions are stored neatly with each version. You can always take a look at past revisions and even restore a previous revision with the click of a button. Update your plugin anytime…


Collect visual feedback right on top of your designs, wireframes, sketches, photos and more.


Gather and manage clear, contextual comments directly on top of your live website or web app.